This blog contain some school and hobby projects and some tutorial. Feel free to leave comments on how to improve my blogsite. Thank you for visiting.

  1. hdogrukann says:

    Your projects are very helpful . Thank you very much 🙂

  2. Great tutorials,

    We are wondering if we may publisch your tutorial translated into dutch on our site?
    Ofcourse under your name.
    Please contact me about it.


  3. Bob Shaw says:

    I am trying to follow your tutorial on serial port in VB2010. The source appears not available, and I cannot work through the section on adding to the code generator. Could you please email attach the source, or give me any indication of how to proceed adding the code to the code generator.

    Thank you in advance.

    Bob Shaw, VE3SUY@gmail.com

  4. Everett Hoskins says:

    The serial port VB2010 tutorial is fantastic for newbies because, (unlike a lot of tutorials on the net), you don’t skip any steps and it is a complete project. You are to be congratulated!

    Is there possibly any chance you could repeat the exercise using the same form design, but with the VB code changed to communicating with USB class HID, and thus create a second tutorial? The two tutorials would then be a complete beginners guide to using VB to communicate with peripherals outside the PC environment.

  5. Cris says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am having trouble with I2C code. Can you please send me even a portion of your code for the digital tone control TDA7313. chooper0001@gmail.com

  6. Marianne Anacay says:

    sir .. gusto k lng po sna itanong kung meron po kayong tutorial about po sa scoreboard nyo.. scoreboard din po kasi ung proj. nmin .. simple lng po ung proj. nmin ung time lng po at ung score ang dpat po nming gwin .. naibigay po ksi smin ung proj. ng wla po kming idea kung pano po simulan .. ngtry po akong mgbasa bsa at mgsearch hanggang sa mkita ko po ung site ninyo at ito na po ung nhnap ko na mkakatulong smin.. sna po mbsa ninyo ung comment k .. thankyou po and godbless! 🙂

  7. Reinaldo P. says:

    Hi TikTak´s, I found your site and needed exactly your project about Scoreboard using PIC16F628A, Can you share it? Thank´s – Reinaldo – Brazil

  8. Michel P says:

    Hi Tiktak,

    Very interesting site and detailed information. I am working at building a home automation system and might possibly need some help from a knowledgeable person.

    I would really appreciate if you could get back to me via email.



  9. Keoni29 says:

    Hey, we are trying to make an eZ8 debug cable and we’re not having any luck. We suspect it has to do something with the reset. Can you please help us?

  10. Ramon says:

    Have you worked with an Nrf24le1?

  11. jfmateos says:

    Dear tiktak,
    I am a teacher.
    I am very interested in the general purpose digital trainer you show in this project (https://tiktakx.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/using-an-arduino-to-program-at89s52/)
    Please, could you give more information about it?
    Kind regards

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