A Journey to Class D Audio

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Audio
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Since I was introduced to Class D amplifiers, I built several low power amps based on TI TPA3122D2 and TPA3123. I’m very satisfied with the results, one is used on our desktop PC and one on my brother’s motorcycle. There was a group buy at electronicslab.ph/forum of the DR100W Kit from 1DiyCentre and there are two excess kits, since my LM1875 was put to rest a few days back, I decided to take one of the two.

Here is my Project Log during the Assembly of the Kit

The PCB and Components

The surface mount components was presoldered on the board

The TDA8920BTH is in HSOP24 package, the pitch is not so tight still pretty easy to solder.

All components soldered except for potentiometer since I will use digital controls for these one.

Finally the heatsink installed

Testing and first impression of this amp will follow

  1. James kent says:


    I’m currently also building an amplifier for a school project, and I decided to use the TDA8950, which also comes in the HSOP24 package. Now my problem is, I’m really struggling to find an EAGLE footprint of it. I tried to make it in EAGLE, but I’m not too sure what I’m doing with it, and my time is becoming a bit limited. I was wondering if you could send me the library of the HSOP24 package you used for the TDA8920BTH.

    Kind regards,

    James Kent

  2. Mihkus says:

    Wow, this pcb is the worst possible, power traces seem so tiny…
    Star grounding still… Were the SMD resistors/caps soldered on the board or you had to solder them by yourself?
    Seems great kit, yet its cheapy :/

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