I revived my old programmer for the AT89C2051 when a colleague asked help to program a device that requires this MCU. I made it first with a vero board, but I decided to give it a new look and put it on a PCB.

Single Sided Version

I made this programmer on a single sided PCB only with both thru hole and surface mount components which I have lying around.  This was originally made by Wichit Sirichote a few years back for his students but on a double sided PCB.

More info can be found on his website

My Project files including the firmware, loader, PDF, and Eagle Files can be downloaded here

One of the problems on building this programmer is how to solve the chicken-egg problem, because the master MCU needs to be programmed first. You must find a friend who owns a programmer or have it programmed somewhere else. If you are from the Philippines I may help you build this programmer. Enjoy!

  1. 785steve says:

    Hello tiktakx, I am new to VB 2010 and I am having great problems getting started, in interfacing with VB. I have looked all over the web, and bought books.but with very little success , I almost gave up .Then I found your site and the serial port prog, it’s brilliant!! It has helped me so much ,and your step by step approach has made the subject much clearer .Do you have any code available to demonstrate to beginners like me ,how instead of sending Text I could operate LED ‘s and read the inputs in binary. My ultimate aim is to make a control panel in VB to operate relays ,solenoids, leds ,etc and also read sensors and switches. Any Help you can give me will be very ,very, appreciated.

  2. leandro says:

    hi tiktakx, what is the software that you are using in programming ATMEL PIC?..

  3. Werner says:

    How about a circuit that that can program the 89C51 and 89C52? I have a USB to TTL serial converter that I can use, so it just have to be controlled serially.

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