Getting started with mobile robots, we definitely need a platform where we can fit the electronics of our robot and make it move. In this tutorial we will be making a cheap mobile robot platform from a toy commonly called as tumbling car here in the Philippines. It can be bought almost anywhere specially on Chinese discount stores at 40-50 pesos.

The Materials:

2 – Tumbling car

1 – Small screwdriver

1 – Side Cutter or small saw

1 – Super glue


Let’s get started:

First, unscrew the top cover by removing the two screws at the bottom side of the toy

Toys with top cover removed

Next, remove the wheels opposite the motor and the gearbox as shown

Trim down the shaft for proper alignment

Put super glue all around on one of the cars


Align and put them together

You may add a plastic or metal link for more strength and ruggedness against bumps like the one shown below

Wait for the superglue to dry and voila!, you now have a less than 200 Pesos robot platform in less than 30 minutes

  1. knives says:

    pwede po mkahingi ng circuit diagram pra sa line follower na yan sir??

  2. tiktakx says:

    check mo yung older post ko dito, provided ang schematic at program, differential line follower, also using that platform

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