Project Nemesis – A Sumobot

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Digital Electronics, Robotics
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A few months ago, members of conceptualize a Filipino Version of Robot Wars the D-Wars –>> Filipino Version of Robot Wars, open to students, enthusiast hobbyist and everyone else who is interested. Thus, I came up building my own autonomous sumo bot later I named Nemesis.


Processor: PIC16F628 at 8Mhz

Sensors: 2 E-gizmo IR Proximity Sensor Kit for enemy detection

2 IR reflective  Sensors for line detection

Powersource: 4x AA for Motors

1x9V for processor and sensors

Motors: Tamiya TwinGearbox Motors 204:1 Gear Ratio

Motor Driver: L293D

Front IR  Sensor Testing

Bottom IR Sensor Testing

The software is still in the infant stage and still many things to add specially on how it will attack its enemy.

  1. SEO Blogger says:

    hi im intrested in your sumobot project,..

    do you wanna share some ideas on your design on circuitry and its building process of its frame and specs. thanks.

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