DIY Big Seven Segment Display

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Tutorials
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Front Of DIY Seven Segment Display

If you need a large seven segment for your prototypes and can’t afford the high cost of commercial large seven segment, you can build your own using LED’s and some art supplies.

Raw Materials

I made use of a styropor as a mold for the segment displays and also as a holder for the LED’s. Each segment contains a single LED (sorry I forgot to take a picture). The Felt paper serves as the cover and tracing paper was used as light diffusers.

Messy Back Wiring

The hardest part of the project is wiring! Wire each common of the LED’s for this project a common cathode and connect all A to G segments.

Testing segments if all are working. The demo is a little bit dim because i’m running it at 5V with a current limiting resistor only no drivers yet.


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