Z86E04 Tutorial

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Digital Electronics, Tutorials
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Z86E04 Tutorial

The Z86E04 is a family of OTP microcontroller from Zilog. This chip is widely used in universities to teach students the basics of microcontroller programming. This tutorial containts 11 lessons from lighting LEDs , using seven segments, driving motors to using the internal comparator as ADC.

Complete PDF Version of the tutorial can be downloaded here

Z8 User’s Manual and Instruction Set

Z86E04 library for Cadsoft Eagle

Zilog ZDS I 3.68

  1. We are designing LCD display using zilog microcontroller Z86E04., and we are hardly to connect in software to display a simple text

  2. darwin vargas says:

    need help with zilog..for my project…darwin.vargas2011@yahoo.com..tnx

  3. Ceasar says:


    Do you still have the eagle cad files/library for z86e04.


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