A new work in progress

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Robotics

Maze Mobot V.1.0

This is a new hobby project. After the line follower which also uses a differential drive type chassis comes the maze mobot. Maze mobots are also widely known as micromouse because they are placed in a maze like the ones used in laboratory mouse. They find their way out of the maze.

The hardware for my micromouse still used the same brain like the line follower which is PIC16F84A. The sensors are TSOP2238 from vishay. These sensors require 38Khz modulated IR light to function properly. They can detect surfaces a few inches from them not just like ordinary IR reflection sensors. A 555 timer is used to produced the 38Khz needed by the sensor.  The H-Bridge is an ordinary type that uses 4 transistors but is hidden beneath the MCU board.

The software is still a work in progress and will be released soon. The hardware schematics will also follow.


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