Cheap USB Z8 Encore debug cable

Posted: December 27, 2009 in Digital Electronics

I bought this DKU-5 cable from CDRKING and found out that this uses a PL2303 USB to RS232 bridge. The good news is this can be easily hacked so that we can use this with our projects as a cheap USB-to-serial converter that can be directly connected to a microcontroller.

Another application of this is that we can make a USB Z8 debug cable by just adding a resistor and a diode.

This is how we connect it to the cable. For the 3.3V source, in my case I connected it to a capacitor inside I think it is a decoupling capacitor because it is connected to GND and 3.3V which goes to the supply pin of the PL2303.

I found this image from a russian site ( a compatible pinout of the CDRKING DKU5 board.

From these we have now our USB Z8 debug cable. A must have for students using Zilog Encore specially those who do not have a serial port in their laptops.

Credits to yus of for this

  1. chris Williams says:

    is there anyway to connect a usb to 8 pin mini din?

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