Let’s Learn PSOC

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Digital Electronics

PSOC (Programmable System on Chip) is a family of microcontroller made by Cypress. It contains CPU and mixed signal arrays for configurable analog and digital peripherals. (wikipedia.org/wiki/PSOC).

I had on hand a PSOC CY8C29466 which contains 32KB of memory, 2048 bytes of RAM, 16 Digital Blocks, 12 analog Blocks, 24 IO pins and can operate from .093 Mhz to 12 Mhz.

This is my first hand experience with this kind of microcontroller and programming the hello world (LED Blink) is quiet easy using PSOC designer 5 which can be downloaded from cypress. Just drag and drop set properties and your done! build the project and Burn baby! Burn!.

Unfortunately, i do not have the PSOC mini prog to program the circuit but thanks to Aji who released a free Parallel Port Programmer for PSOC chips.

PSOC Hello World

Link to DIY Programmer: http://www.4shared.com/file/156649975/8685dc9d/CYP_19_-_Programmer.html

PSOC Designer Progam


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