Differential Line Follower

Posted: September 18, 2009 in Robotics

Differential Line Follower using PIC16F84A as the brain and L298 for motor driver, in this line follower i used IR pairs from old ball mouse. I constructed the prototype using a prototyping board and used the gearbox and wheels of some cheap toy car lying around.


Schematic Diagram of the Line Follower

Schematic Diagram of the Line Follower

Actual Proto:

The finished proto

Close up look of the sensors

Close up look of the sensors

Testing of the proto

  1. teng teng says:

    Test it in a sharp 90 degree pathway.

  2. donie says:

    what are the components used there? can you list them? the picture is cannot be enlarged even after downloading it. i’m planning to make this project 🙂

  3. tiktakx says:

    the motor driver is a L298, but you can use L293D instead, PIC16F84A for the controller, LM324 quad opamp some 10K potentiometers, 10K pull-ups, 220-470 ohms for the LEDs

  4. cravex says:

    do you need to program any ic used here or just connect them as it was in the schematic?

  5. tiktakx says:

    @cravex, the PIC16F84A needs to be programmed

  6. crisTINTINE says:

    ano pong program ginagamit nyo po para maprint sa pcb?

    • tiktakx says:

      MSpaint lang po 😀

      • crisTINTINE says:

        muka po kasing nakaeagle yung schematic nyo po. eh yung ibang components wala po sa eagle kahit yung kacompatible nya wala. may soft copy pa po ba kayo ng pcb layout ng mobot using discrete logic gates for steering type chasis? pede po bang pahingi? kelangan na po kasi next week. salamat po. 😀

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